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Ricki Erik Releases Highly Captivating New Album, ‘Genreality’

The multi-talented singer-songwriter, producer, musician, and actor Ricki Erik, who resides in Boston in the United States, has taken a major stride ahead with the release of his newest album, ‘Genreality’. The new album, consisting of 12 all- empowering tracks, is now out, and it is not one to be missed!

Ricki hits a home run because of his realism and relevancy in drawing inspiration from life, love, happiness, and grief. He produces a unique soundscape you won’t find anywhere else, drawing inspiration from the game’s all-time greats while also integrating a wealth of one-of-a-kind textures. Ricki’s catchy style will have you nodding your head and wiggling your hips to the enticing beats and engaging rhythmic elements.

‘Genreality’ integrates a wide range of musical genres into a single cohesive whole, including pop, r&b, country, blues, reggae, and rock, to name a few. Each track introduces something new to the scene, and you’ll be grasping every tantalising bass lead, drum hit, and vocal hook. The album also sees Ricki team up with two-time Grammy award winners Paul Fakhourie and Gennaro Schiano for the track, ‘Here I Come Baby’, which is just one of many treasures on the album which gets off to a flying start with the opening, ‘Party Tonight’, concluding with the highly impactful closing track, ‘Feelings’. There is something here for everyone!

So, are you ready for Ricki Erik’s ‘Genreality’? Look no further; it’s now available on all major streaming platforms.