Born and raised by Native Jamaican parents, Ricki Erik is a multi-talented singer- songwriter, producer, musician, and actor. Now a local Bostonian, Ricki jams with a 3-member band, Trif3cta, when he is not filming, or working on his solo music. Those who have had the opportunity to hear his music revel in his talent which crosses all musical genres. Heavily influenced by experiences in life, love, happiness, and pain, Ricki Erik’s music is authentic and relatable. His latest album, Genreality: Volume 1 pushes the envelope of authenticity even further as he takes his listeners with him through his exploration of different genres, Ricki Erik style.

Ricki Erik’s music is described by music aficionados as “inventive” and “passionate,” and will leave you wanting more. His live performances captivate his audience and have them singing the songs long after the show is over. His discography weaves through genres- from Pop to Rock, Country and Blues, even Reggae and R&B. Ricki Erik appeals to a vast musical audience of all ages.

His latest album “GenReality” just released this year. The artist did most of the writing and producing himself, with only a few selective collaborations. The most special of the collaborations was working closely with two-time Grammy award winners Paul Fakhourie and Gennaro Schiano who produced the Blues song on his album titled “Here I Come Baby.”

With no formal training, Ricki Erik is a self-taught pianist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. He also is a self-taught producer who writes his own music. His formal education is in Aerospace Engineering but his first love is and will always be music. Formerly a member of Linear, based out of Fort Lauderdale, Ricki was set to release a record alongside them in the 80’s. However, the tables turned and he later created Realm Music Group.

Among other career milestones, Ricki Erik ventured into producing a Reggae album with Legendary Rock n Roll Hall of Famer- Henry Stone of Hot Productions. In 1990, he was a presenter at the Reggae Music Awards. He was also an extra in Random Hearts with Harrison Ford, and starred in a Pepsi commercial with Latin sensation Shakira. Nine years later, Ricki played alongside the likes of Stevie B who held a Billboard #1 hit song titled “Because I love You,” which was written by longtime friend Warren Allen Brooks.

Ricki Erik has toured many European countries, parts of Canada and the US and has played in many notable venues. He continues to make music today in his studio located in Boston Massachusetts.